Compare: Movie Posters Back Then and Now

Film 4 Fan

Movie posters were there to persuade you into seeing a certain film, but nowadays they just seem to view them as an obligation, which is a real shame, because movie posters often can be seen as art.


Posters were there from the beginning of film. They were simple and were just there to let you know that a certain film was playing a movie theater. dracula_one_sheet_style_fOf course I’m still talking about the time before trailers were a thing. Yes, I know that Méliès used some form of trailers, by projecting pictures of the films playing at the moment above the entrance of Theatre Robert Houdin, but I mean real movie trailers, with a man talking over them. Back then the posters were hand drawn like this poster of the Dracula film that came out in 1931, about the well-known character. The images depicted on these posters could either…

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