Top 25 Films Starring Bela Lugosi

Talking Pulp

I have done a list like this for Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Basil Rathbone. I am working my way through all of the legends of classic horror.

So of course, I have to do one for Bela Lugosi.

It was Lugosi’s portrayal of Dracula in 1931 that created the image of vampires in cinema and fiction from that point forward.

Even though Dracula is his most famous role, he also went on to star in a slew of other horror classics. He went from being at the forefront of the Universal Monsters franchise to horror legend and to befriending infamous director Ed Wood. He also had a song made about him by the post-punk band Bauhaus.

These are his twenty-five best pictures.

1. Dracula
2. The Wolf Man
3. Son of Frankenstein
4. The Ghost of Frankenstein
5. White Zombie
6. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

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