Top 50 War Movies of the 2000s (2000 to present)

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

War movies. I guess this is a genre that will always be around because there always seems to be war in the world.

Most war films are either based on a historical war with a fictionalized setting, or about a biographical situation and character(s) setting.  Almost all war films are really anti-war stories as they bring the viewer into a world of pain, horror, or a political agenda stating a “what was the purpose of all of this” type theme. Sometimes it’s about war itself, or about a specific war like the Vietnam or Iraq war.

Many of the great films of our generation have been war films, which is why I came up with this list.

Top 50 to 26 War Films of the 2000s –

Top 25 to 1 War Films of the 2000s –

The Hurt Locker (2008) and The Pianist (2002) are basically the…

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