Happy Birthday: Walter Murch

Walter MurchDate of Birth 12 July 1943, New York City, New York, USA
Birth Name Walter Scott Murch

Married to:
Aggie Murch (6 August 1965 – present) (2 children)

He believes in editing while standing up.

Murch is a beekeeper and he makes his own honey.

Introduced Hollywood to the idea of editing films on the non-linear Mac based program Final Cut Pro rather than the Avid. Since then, has gone back to Avid Media Composer.

To date, only artist ever to win Oscars for both film editing and sound engineering on a single film (The English Patient (1996)).

[about the opening scene of Apocalypse Now (1979):] “You’re looking at a character whose head is enveloped in flames, and then at slow-motion helicopter blades slicing through his body, superimposed upon a whirling ceiling fan, and strange sounds and music intermingling from different sources; you’re probably aware you’re watching a film, not an imitation of real life. Even dreams, despite their odd surreality, don’t look quite like that. Inevitably, the superimposed images in “Apocalypse Now” betray a self-consciousness because they come at the very beginning and are intended to expose and explore Willard’s inner state of mind. If there had been no resonance between that scene and the film as a whole, the opening would have been a meaningless exercise, empty virtuosity.”


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