Under 5min. Film: I & MYSELF, 5min, Japan, Drama/Fantasy

Played at the Under 5 Minute June 2017 Film Festival

I & MYSELF, 5min, Japan, Drama/Fantasy
Directed by Hisanori TsukudaMizuho came to Tokyo to make her dream reality but things have not been going well for her.

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Review by Kierston Drier

This five minute Japanese Fantasy drama is a charming romp through the mind of a woman who is consistently too hard on herself. After a long day of perceived mess ups, she exits the train to find, well- herself. But a confident and charming version of herself who takes her out to sushi.

Her new familiar friend takes her out for a night on the town and along the way, she meets several more accomplished versions of herself- showing her all the possibilities she has.

What makes I AND MYSELF special is that, underneath it’s fantastical surface is a message about self love, and acceptance. The main character’s versatility and performance is nothing short of spectacular- it takes several minutes to realize they are all the same actress.

The film is not only well shot and well composed, but has a touching theme underneath it’s whimsical front. A piece about the potential and possibility in everyone, I AND MYSELF is a touching and heart piece.


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