Interview with Festival Director Sina Dolati (TORONTO NEW WAVE)

The Labyrinth Pictures was founded in 2016 by Sina Dolati, Emmanuel McBride and Shaq Hosein as a multi-purpose production company, producing independent film (fiction and commercial), as well as hosting events and other services under The Labyrinth umbrella with the aim of cultivating the Toronto filmmaking scene. Our summer Events Coordinator Farah Mannan has also had a large role in helping this event come to life, as well as Rangga Luksatrio who has helped us in reaching out to Toronto musicians.

The 2017 rendition of the Toronto New Wave showcase is the first public event hosted by the company, screening a multitude of short films from independent Toronto filmmakers, as well as including performances from Toronto indie bands. The event takes place at 7 PM, Saturday August 5th, at Cinecycle.

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