Happy Birthday: Richard Griffiths (1947–2013)

Richard Griffiths (1947–2013).jpgBorn: July 31, 1947 in Thornaby-on-Tees, North Yorkshire, England, UK

Died: March 28, 2013 (age 65) in University Hospital, Coventry, West Midlands, England, UK

Married to: Heather Gibson (1980 – 28 March 2013) (his death)

Winning is something you’ve dreamed about and hoped for, so that when you get there it’s no big deal. But if you lose you’re gutted, and the gutted sense just goes on, and I know what that’s like, because I’ve been having that gutted feeling since 1979.

(On Uncle Vernon from the Harry Potter movies) “Vernon distrusts Harry completely and is always concerned that he is going to do something strange at any moment. That is Vernon’s biggest fear – he doesn’t want anything strange happening that the neighbours might see.”

If I had my way, all actors over 55 would be issued a 3-lb. wet salmon with which to slap the face of every young, beautiful, successful upstart. ‘That’s for being so lucky, you bastard!’ I would shout. And then, hit them again, if you can.


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