1987 Movie Review: DATE WITH AN ANGEL, 1987

Movie Reviews

Directed by Tom McLoughlin
Starring: Michael E. Knight, Phoebe Cates, Emmanuelle Béart
Review by Melissa R. Mendelson


Jim is soon to be married to Patty, but when he wakes up after a bachelor party thrown by his friends, he finds an injured angel in his pool. When Patty sees her, she thinks he’s seeing someone else and gets upset and tells her father. Now he has to figure out how to; cure the angel, tell Patty what happened, keep his friends from taking the angel to the papers, and keep Patty’s father from killing him. It’s no wonder he has a headache.


I thought I knew love. I thought I was ready to change my life for her. This was what I wanted. I was ready to take that next step, but then she fell from the sky. And everything changed.

The headaches were like miniature thunderstorms. The pain sliced through me, and the pills were losing their effect. But I had to find a way to make it through, but I never realized that it would be my end. And she came on white wings to take me away.

We say we believe in angels, but do we really believe? Would we recognize one, if they were to cross our path? If they needed our help, would we help them, or would we turn them away? And if we met an angel, would we discover a love never thought possible, or would we find death waiting in the wings?

The rain fell heavily from the skies. A pivotal moment in time was derailed by a senseless prank, and the night came to a crashing end. And as yesterday struggled to stay, one man stumbles outside to find an angelic figure floating across the waves of his swimming pool.

Never in his life did Jim Sanders think he would ever meet an angel especially one that nearly drowned in his swimming pool, and with a broken wing, she was grounded. And he had no idea what to do with her, but as he struggles to find a way to help her, his life begins to unravel. And he soon finds himself on the run with an angel at the wheel.

Nothing made sense until he saw her again, and then everything fell into place. Her mission was derailed by a broken wing. Her target was him, and those headaches were the red lights flashing, warning. But if the mission had gone as planned, the layers of his life would never have been pulled away, and he would never have found true love. But now it was time to go, and she was here to take him away. But as bright, white light enveloped the room, everything changed.

Love is a mystery that walks beside us, and what we think is love is merely the illusion. And as our eyes struggle to hold it are we captivated by stories, movies from the heart. And complicated lives weave into delicate webs, and lies, betrayal, and greed try to cut those threads. And as the storylines hold us in its hand, we laugh, and we cry. And in the end, love survives, and Date With An Angel soars high.

Voted #1 screenplay contest in the world!
Best of photos, images and pics
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DATE WITH AN ANGEL, Phoebe Cates, Michael E. Knight, Emmanuelle Beart, 1987

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