TIFF 2017 Movie Review: WINTER BROTHERS (VINTERBRODEN) (Denmark/Iceland 2017) ***

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Winter Brothers Poster

A brother odyssey set in a worker environment during a cold winter. We follow two brothers, their routines, habits, rituals and a violent feud that erupts between them and another family.


Hlynur Palmason


Michael BrostrupAnders HoveElliott Crosset Hove

The WINTER BROTHERS of the title are Johan and his younger brother Emil, two miners whose routines, habits, and rituals are ruptured by a violent feud with a neighbouring family.

Emil (Elliott Crosset Hove) is an odd character who when not whipping out his dick for no reason, would charm the local girl in the area. But more important than the action of the film are the lives of the miners on display.

Amidst the bleak, white and barren landscape of the mines and worse the black of the inside of the mines, the miners try to etch up a decent living. Director Pálmason contrasts both the bright light of the snow and deep darkness of the mines.

The film is really slow but what is on display here is the reality of the setting. Even the fight over a girl between two men was shot in all its ferocity (with one of the men in the total nude).

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkHG7cXVJoU



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