Novel Transcript: Is it over yet?, by Naila Amin

Novel Writing Festival

Performed by Elizabeth Rose MorrissWhat is your novel about? 

What is your novel about? 

My novel explores forms of personal growth, the process of healing written in a creative fantasy style. It’s intention to find paths beyond conventional ones to heal inner trauma of child sex abuse and generational toxic patterns, which go unnoticed in Muslim, Pakistani families. The novel is a discovery of self, life, love and hope, which dies at the hands of obligation and cultural conformity. The novel intentionally seeks to exist outside of ‘preferred’ expectations and the awakening of sleeping souls.

What genres would you say this story is in? 

It is written in the hope to encourage self development, spirituality, healing and fantasy. So, I would say it was a unique blend of genres.

How would you describe this story in two words?  

Enchanting truths

What movie have you seen the most in your…

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