Film Review: BETWEEN SECONDS, USA, Romance/Music

BETWEEN SECONDS is a 20 minute American romance coming to us from director Nora Jaenicke.  Two musically talented star-crossed lovers met when they are both stuck in a professional rut. Alicia loses her beautiful operatic singing voice after struggling to find a foothold in her industry and Adrian, a classical pianist is unable to play in sync after his ex breaks his heart. Yet the two manage to find each other and learn how to once again, make beautiful music.

A polished and gorgeous piece, with anachronistic aspects that give it a timeless feel, BETWEEN SECONDS pulls you in with a sense of romantic mystery- and keeps you wrapped up in the story with it’s symbology and clever use of visual motifs.

In a fast-paced world that so often leaves it’s Artist struggling and treading professional water rudderless, this is a film that can pluck the heartstrings of anyone with a poetic, sensitive or romantic soul. BETWEEN SECONDS will take you on a journey and leave you with a powerful message- between every second lives risk and opportunity, but regardless: love is music, music is love.

Review by Kierston Drier

BETWEEN SECONDS, 20min, USA, Romance/Music 
Directed by Nora Jaenicke“Between Seconds” is the story of two musicians who have grown out of sync with their music and ultimately themselves. Adrian, a classically trained pianist, loses the ability to play in sync with his music when thoughts of his ex-girlfriend flood his mind. Alicia, a struggling opera singer, loses her ability to sing in sync when she realizes she can’t really grasp her dreams. Both the musicians discover mysterious red envelopes which lead them inside of their clocks and into a surreal clock world. Here they must figure out how to synchronize themselves or they risk never being able to play their music again.

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