Film Review: OCEANIC ALIENS, USA, Documentary/Wildlife

This classical-style documentary weaves wonderous thoughts and images in its short six minute time-slot. Set against the inky-dark world under the ocean, OCEANIC ALIENS follows a handful of rarely seen bioluminescent aquatic creatures.


A piece that explores the whole new world of bright and colorful life under the waves, OCEANIC ALIENS is a compelling watch. In true documentary style, it offers simple and direct information about each creature, and weaves a near-magical picture of the ocean as so much deeper, richer and teaming with life than we may have before believed.


Of specific note, is the exceptional footage. It is incredible difficult to film underwater and the images captured of these incredible and beautiful life forms is well worth that watch. A film for information lovers and film lovers alike.

by Kierston Drier

WATCH the Audience FEEDBACK Video: 

OCEANIC ALIENS, 6min., USA, Documentary/Wildlife
Directed by Mike Johnson

Oceanic Aliens is an internationally award winning short documentary that explores one aspect of how little we truly know about planet earth. More is known about outer space than our very own oceans. This short documentary illustrates just one example of a little known class of marine species and their amazing attributes.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

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