A controversial, but stunningly beautiful film. IN SEARCH OF REVERENCE chronicles a handful of young adventure-hungry men on their backpacking trip in the UK. Set against the glorious mountainous vistas and boasting spectacular cinematography and editing, IN SEARCH OF REVERENCE is a jaw-droppingly gorgeous film to watch.

The level of professionalism and work put into this film is clear by examining the fantastic amount of detail and composition in both the editing and footage. No element was spared in the creation of a beautiful and cinematic story. Perhaps the one controversial area is the shooting of an animal for sustenance by the group. The issue is not the hunting itself, but the specific type of fallen animal- a mother with adolescent offspring. While the content may be hard to watch for some viewers, the theme of this film seems to be getting back to a sense of nature by going back to basics- including hunting for one’s’ own food.

A film worth talking about, and starting a conversation about, IN SEARCH OF REVERENCE is a strong and visually breathtaking piece. It reminds us that we are often guilty of the greatest folly of man- walking upon the Earth as though we own it.


Short Film played at the EXPERIMENTAL FEEDBACK Film Festival in December 2017

Review by Kierston Drier

IN SEARCH OF REVERENCE, 12min., UK, Experimental
Directed by Darryl PaceAn ambition to realize the uncomfortable truth that there has to be a greater connection to this world and life than how most people live it. Under the material, fast paced world urban based world, we had lost our connection with the land. This was a quest to re-discover that

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

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