Film Review: CITY OF MY HEART, Greece, Documentary 

A kaleidoscope of moments, images, faces and colours that encapsulate the bright, vibrant and diverse city of Madrid, CITY OF MY HEART is a four minute film that throws us into another world. This pulsating and energizing film from director Kostas Petsas, takes the viewers through a city through a series of quick vignettes.  

What is most charming about CITY OF MY HEART, is how deeply it pulls the viewer in. From first to final frame, your eyes are glued to the screen, engulfed in the vivid and intoxicating exotic world. A love letter to a rich world full of life and culture, CITY OF MY HEART will make you want to instantly book a plane ticket to this beautiful place.

Review by Kierston Drier

PLAYED at the January 2018 EUROPEAN Film Festival.

WATCH the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

CITY OF MY HEART, 4min., Greece, Documentary 
Directed by Kostas PetsasA personal glimpse into Madrid, an experimental urban cityscape, an ode to life through a dance.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

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