Film Review: VIOLET AND JUNE (Romance)

VIOLET AND JUNE, a six minute Canadian Rom-Com from director Linnea  Ritland, is a delightful and charming in every way a Rom-Com should be. Endlessly popping with color and fun, the tone falls somewhere between the more lighthearted moments in Juno and the more whimsical moments of any great Wes Anderson piece.

Violet is in love. And all the wonderful oh-so-familiar romantic feelings that come along with being in love plague her. Except she is in love with her best friend June. Who has a boyfriend and is otherwise totally unaware of Violet’s affections. Doom, despair and melancholy will follow Violet as she falls into the vibrant and artistic world of her mind’s’ eye, and wrestles with her feelings.

VIOLET AND JUNE is a sweet, simple and utterly adorable comedy about coming out and coming of age. A playful and wonderful romp into the world young love.

Review by Kierston Drier

Film played at the 2018 ROMANCE Film Festival on Valentine’s Day in downtown Toronto, Canada

WATCH the Audience FEEDBACK Video:

VIOLET AND JUNE, 6min., Canada, Romance/Comedy
Directed by Linnea RitlandViolet & June is a short film about falling in love, the terror of being alive in a cold heartless universe, and butts.

CLICK HERE – and see full info and more pics of the film!

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