Read Poem: Oh Summer! Don’t Leave Me by Lateefah16

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I’m going to miss your warm days
that filled me with iced tea
I wish you weren’t leaving
handing me over to fall with ease
dark clouds with hints of mint and harvest trees
dances and festivals to commence its release

I’m going to miss your calm lakes and strong waves
that brought me to the beach countless days
the steaming rays of your sun
tanning me brown
no matter the linen I wear

I’m going to miss the smell of your wild roses
sunny daisies, red tulips, pink lilies
the touch of each crisp oak bark
maple rich and fresh like from the stars
don’t get me started on your summer nights
lit to my fearless heart’s delight
engulfed with striking possibilities
Hershey’s kisses and skinny dipping
peach ice cream that have me licking

I’m going to miss each endless moment wrapped together
sipping margaritas and martinis

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