TIFF 2018 Review: ANGELO (Austria/Lux 2018) ***

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Angelo Poster
In early 18th century an African slave boy is chosen by a European Comtesse to be baptized and educated. Reaching adulthood, Angelo achieves prominence and becomes the Viennese court mascot until he decides to secretly marry a white woman.
ANGELO is true-story drama based on documents, of a young African boy is abducted, sold, and forced into 18th-century Viennese court life where he must wrestle with the restrictions placed upon him by society.  The film begins with him as a young innocent boy and ends with him educated as a full black man and a lady’s man at that.  This is director Markus Schleinzer’s grandiose and elaborate period drama but there are personal lessons to be learnt as well.  
The audience  sees the contradictions faced by the by and the subtle rebellion he bears as he obeys his Masters.  The film is also stunning in its locations and also parodies the clashing of the different cultures.

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