Cinefranco 2018 Review: LE FINALE (IN THE GAME) (France/Belgium 2018) ***

In the Game Poster
A rebellious teenager must travel the country with his sick grandpa to get to his basketball game.


Robin Sykes

The final game referred to in the film title is the FIFA 1998 World Cup in which France won.  Trouble is that this is the year 2018 and for Roland (Thierry Lhermitte) who suffers from Alzheimer’s, that game is still to be played.  The whole Verdi family is caring for Roland, the grandfather, who is affected by Alzheimer’s disease.  JB, the family teenager (Roland’s grandson) has only one goal: to go to Paris to play his basketball final.  But his parents want him to give it up and keep an eye on his grandfather as they are busy this weekend. JB decides to take him with him.  During this trip, nothing will happen as planned.  The film is better than it sounds.  It is quite funny with slid humour on the disease as well as some racists jokes throne in for good measure.  Excuse is that Roland with memory problems can make them.  The Chinese  have it the worst, but me, being Chinese still find it laugh-out loud hilarious.  Truthfully, they are quiet harmless.  A sweet segment in the film involves two Alzheimer’s patients, falling in love.

Thierry Lhermitte (DINER DE CONS, ZEBRA, RIPOUX CINTRE RIPOUX) is excellent.  This is the kind of French comedy that calls for a Hollywood remake.  But who could tell that France would win the World Cup again this year in 2018?



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