(Reel Asian Film Festival 2019): LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN (Canada/Taiwan 2019) ***

Love Boat: Taiwan Poster
LOVE BOAT: TAIWAN looks at the Taiwan Love Boat, where college-aged Taiwanese Americans get closer to their history, their culture and each other.


Valerie Soe


Valerie Soe

Thee is no boat in LOVE BOAT TAIWAN.  That is the nickname given to the Taiwanese program designed to attract young Taiwanese and Chinese visitors from abroad to spend a few weeks in Taiwan to be immersed in Taiwanese culture.  A typical daily routine involves a flag raising ceremony, Mandarin language lessons,

Chinese brush painting and martial-arts training before being taken on a bus for an afternoon excursion, often to visit Chang-Lei Check monuments.  The program is not totally successful as the young ones , being youthful are rebellious are out for a good time, often breaking curfew to go partying.  

The film is comprised of interviews of past visitors who lend both their humour and points-of-view on what they experienced.  Director Soe knows that her doc is to be taken in with a grain of salt, resulting in an entraining while enlightening documentary on her bananas.  

These visitors are called bananas as they are yellow on the outside and white on the inside.  

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzEZ1glkebo


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