SCREENPLAY MOVIE: Secondhand Heart, by Amber Nardolillo

LGBTQ+ Toronto Film Festival

Reese is a commitment-phobic lesbian who can’t be in the same room with her homemaker sister Rachel without them verbally eviscerating each other, but, when Rachel’s marriage falls apart, Reese is forced to take her sister in, along with her two kids and their dog until they can get back on their feet. Along the way Reese rediscovers her passion for music, the importance of family and that her first may be the only love that ever mattered.

Visual Design & Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Produced by Matthew Toffolo


F – Narrator: – Val Cole
M – Reese: – Katie Clark
F – Kate: – – Teeboo Esther
F – Rachael: – Danielle Nicole
F – Alice: – – Lindy Thurrell
M- Ray: – – Matt Barnes
M: Jim: – – Geoff Mays

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