LOGLINE Video: Vapor, by Eric White

Title: Vapor

Written By: Eric White

Logline: Dylyn, a female lava fisher returns to her home planet, Vapor, just as an uncommunicative superior force unleashes genocide on the planet, bringing destruction to Dylyn’s doorstep and the realization that these may not only be Pirates, but not even human at all.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Steampunk

Type: TV Pilot

U.S. Copyright: TXu 2-234-464

LOGLINE Video: Ghostly Justice, by Bev Irvin

by Bev Irvin


Fifteen-year-old Daria Brennan doesn’t want to hear people’s thoughts. She doesn’t want to see ghosts—or talk to dead people. And she definitely doesn’t want to help solve a forty-year-old murder.
But Amanda wants revenge and Daria is her first human contact since the day she died. Together, can they solve Amanda’s murder? Or will Daria become the killer’s next victim?

LOGLINE Video: Five Dates, by Donna Douglas Walchle


WRITTEN BY: Donna Douglas Walchle

LOGLINE: When Hattie Fisher, a happily single children’s author receives a subscription to an online dating service for her birthday, it results in a series of mismatches likened to installments of Punk’d. That is, until she meets Henry who convinces her that they must commit to five dates before they decide to continue dating.

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

TYPE: Feature Film

WGA East Registration Number: #1308668

LOGLINE Video: Crip Cyn, by Toni K Pacini

Title of Story: Crip Cyn

Written by: Toni K Pacini


Crip Cyn, a Southern Gothic Thriller about Cynamenell, a strong, socially hobbled, mill-village girl, cruelly labeled a crippled orphan. Before she melts her neighbors stone cold hearts when she kills the rapist, and stands up to the psychopathic, her murdering daddy

Genre: Southern Gothic Thriller

Type: Novel