Deadline Today: POLITICAL Feedback Film Festival. Use 50% off discount code. 

Political Feedback Festival

Deadline Today: POLITICAL Feedback Film Festival

Use 50% off discount code: 50politics

Festival designed to showcase independent politically inclined films from all corners of the world.

Agenda is to help show the world stories with a macro political agenda. This is purely a partisan minded festival. Our goal is to show films from different ideological points of view. (As long as their is no hate filled, rascist, sexist, or violent points of view)

In this time of divided cultures, our idealistic agenda is to help bridge the gap in some small way. To entertain and educate by films and screenplays that need to be seen by the world.

Recent Testimonials:

This is a great festival, I enjoyed feedback format and they are very responsive and accommodating. The WildsoundTV app is a great way for them to screen the films and I hope it continues to grow. And they…

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