Watch the SOCIETY DOC SHORT Film Festival – Jan. 5/6 event

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Directed by Olivia M. Pfaff
Following the lives of the Ukrainian war refugees, from the Russian war on Ukraine. It features the lives of the refugee children and their response to war. Interviews with parents and other adults. filmed on location in Ukraine and Siret Romina.

BACK TO OUR ROOTS, 11min, Panama, Documentary
Directed by Martin Cervino, Vernny Arguello
Set in the paradisiacal Cahuita, by the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Back to our Roots invites you to discover how the Calypso, a musical rhythm with African roots, became the voice and symbol of protest of African-American people that straggles against the inequalities throughout history.

Read interview with filmmaker Martin Cervino:

DEAR AMERICA, 7min., USA, Documentary
Directed by Mary Louis
Dear America digs deeper into the physiology of homeless African American’s in America.

Read interview with director Mary Louis:


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