Short Film Review: SYNTHETIC ME. 4min., Animation Music Video

There are many ways you can experience the Animation / Music Video “Synthetic Me.” From the first view, this is a love story between a young-adult and her childhood stuffed bear. A connection that many can relate with as most of us had our favorite toy growing up.  And some of us still have kept our favorite stuffed animal into adulthood.

The other level of “Synthetic Me” is the aging process. As the young woman grows into her adulthood and becomes a doctor, she has blossomed and become the best of herself, while her stuffed animal has seen better days. The wear and tear of any stuffed animal – the color is fading, they are a bit ratty and worn out from the years of playing and being thrown around by kids. The stuffed animal wants to rejuvenate its form and make a “brand new him.”

The lyrics go: “Will someone just make a brand new me!”  

It’s the stuffed animal who is singing the song we realize half-way into the viewing experience. Which is a great happy surprise.

The film’s message and themes kind of creep up on you. We all get to that point where we know the best days are behind us on a physical level, but with today’s science moving up to the point where possibly making a “brand new you” could actually happen, is this actually something we should be doing?

Of course they are centuries away from figuring out how to make a brand new “emotional,” “spiritual,” and “intellectual,” self. But the physical is something we can start doing and recreate ourselves. And that’s what the toy bear wants. To dig deeper, what is the toy bear’s motivation? Are they jealous of their friend’s progress into adulthood and want to be just like them? Are they afraid she’s going to pass them by?

So “Synthetic Me” appears to be a simple and fun animation music video for all to joy. And it is. But there is a deeper message here. And it does leave us to asking morality questions.

Terrific film on all levels. The movement never stops. It keeps you on your toes while enjoying the terrific song and stuffed animal. Wonderful.

5 stars

by Eli Manning

Directed by Susan Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Composer: Joi Barua

Watch the Audience Feedback Video from the Experimental Film Festival:


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