Movie Review: SAN GUERRERO, Argentina, Documentary

This four minute documentary film coming out of Argentina by director Jeff Zorrilla, is a gritty and hard-reality look at an American Ex-patriot, living in Buenos Aires. At first glance, the rough-and-tumble voice of our hero calls to mind the funny slightly off-color humor of a rarely seen relative at a family reunion; the lilt of a gravely, worldly voice that tells it like it is, with a harshness that is equal parts enticing and dangerous. As our story moves ahead, however, we see the life our hero leads by day and night are quite different- by day, he is a travel guide for tourists looking to explore the city. By night, he books sex workers for clients who are vacationing as sexual tourists. The bright and colorful streets of Buenos Aires have a dark and dirty side.


Whether our hero is telling you where to pick up lunch, or where to pick up a date, he deals in his trades the same way- you come looking for something, he has the answer. We never see his face- but we know this man.


What makes SAN  GUERRERO a fascinating watch is it’s honesty. We may not like our hero, or his job- but we get the very real sense that he does not care what we think- as he says in the film,  he didn’t come to this city to live- he came here to die. There is real life honesty behind his candor, his resignation of the way the world- his world- is. Our hero is complex, gritty, larger-than-life, real, warped and honest- all in four minutes. We see only the tip of the iceberg that is his life. A delicate tone is woven in SAN GUERRERO, it will test you- it will have you lingering between wanting to know everything about our hero- and shuddering at knowing his life is likely the equivalent to a high-speed cinematic chase scene. SAN GUERRERO is a complex portrait of a man, a bright and colorful college of broken dreams and broken glass. An excellent film, and an excellent story.


Review by Kierston Drier

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

SAN GUERRERO, 4min., Argentina, Documentary
Directed by Jeff Zorrilla

A portrait of an american ex-patriot lilving in Buenos Aires and working as a city tour guide during the day and a prostitution tour guide during the night

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