Movie Review: CHEATER, USA, Comedy/Drama

CHEATER a seven-minute film, directed by Michael Boctor and Dylan Hancock, is a spellbinding and intense comic rollercoaster. We start without hero desperate to cheat on the test he hasn’t studied for- a relatable plight to us all. After a series of escalating hijinks and stakes that jump to extremes, all chaos ensues and the cheater must answer for it.


The magic in CHEATER, is that you will never see it coming until you are strapped and locked into our hero’s mission, and as things reach a laughably ridiculous crescendo, it almost feels believably absurd. A wonderful film with escalation, stakes and hilarious twists, CHEATER is not to miss!


Review by Kierston Drier

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

CHEATER, 7min., USA, Comedy/Drama
Directed by Michael Boctor and Dylan HancookAn Anxious student, Trevor, continually tries to cheat on his exam until his neighboring classmate Carl gets fed up and outs him. The teacher instead disciplines Carl which angers him, resulting in a kerfuffle which ends in Carl being tased and removed by security.

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