Film Review: BE THE ONE, Switzerland, Crime/Music Video

A five minute  experimental music video from Switzerland, BE THE ONE is a strongly visual and deeply gritty crime-centric piece. Two charismatic robbers enter a strip club to do a deal and must face a host of equally rough-and-tumble archetypes along the way.

Powerfully cinematic with its style and approach, this music video boasts a high production value and strong artistic license. Laced with nuance, it is worth watching twice to catch the small details that pull the piece together. As with many music videos, the cinematic story itself is highly dependant on the musical component, but the visual work in BE THE ONE compliments the musical score extremely well.  A strong, emotional musical piece paired with strong emotional visuals makes a powerful experimental film that is satisfying on many levels. A rollercoaster joy ride of bad-boy wish-fulfillment, BE THE ONE is an escapist fantasy.  

Review by Kierston Drier

PLAYED at the January 2018 EUROPEAN Film Festival.

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BE THE ONE, 5min., Switzerland, Crime/Music Video
Directed by Remo Fritzsche Two charismatic robbers face a variety of strong stereotypes and a major twist while attempting to obtain a mysterious bag from their adversaries.

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