Film Review: TWO, 2017, USA, Fashion/Experimental

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SHORT FILM played at the October 2017 STUDENT FEEDBACK Film Festival.

Review by Kierston Drier

Bright, stunning and boasting exceptional editing, TWO is 60-seconds of a non-stop visual art. Directed by Tamara Hansen out of the USA, TWO depicts the relationship between two women, in an avant-garde cinematic display. Opulent and decadent and seamlessly attentive to detail, this is a film that leaves not a single frame wasted.


From the very first second of TWO, the audience is hit with an onslaught of rapid-fire images, each equally riveting, visually interesting and lush. Highly interpretive, this one-minute piece is open to discussion regarding its larger themes. Yet there is no doubt that it has much to say. A shimmering example of exceptional visual work and guided with an excellent editorial hand, TWO is a fantastic vibrant short.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the Short Film:

TWO, 1min, USA, Fashion/Experimental
Directed by Tamara HansenThis short film is about the relationship of two girls, shown in an artsy way.

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