HIGH CALORIE, directed by Mehmet Tigli, is an offbeat comedy about loving oneself. When an overweight man decides to lose weight to seduce (and finally see!) the woman he has fallen for on the internet, he is hurt and baffled when the woman ends up being his own grandmother.

Was her caused understandably motivated? It’s debatable. But what is not under question is the joy of this film. Our hero, slightly reclusive, slightly ashamed, must make a journey within himself to find where happiness truly lives- not on a plate or on a screen, but within oneself.

An excellent performance from our hero and supporting cast, this seventeen minute Turkish film is a joy to watch. A film about acceptance and self-love, HIGH CALORIE is worth every minute.

Review by Kierston Drier

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HIGH CALORIE, 17min., Turkey, Family/Drama 
Directed by Mehmet Tigli

High Calorie is a tale about a very fat boy ‘Meftun’ who lives with his grandmom in Istanbul. Due to his obesity, some people have prejudices towards him. However, he is happy and at peace with himself.

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