Film Review: HONEYMOON, Switzerland, Romance

A simple, sweet and heartwarming three-minute comedy coming from Switzerland by director Anaelle Morf, HONEYMOON is about a middle aged man and woman who meet at a bar. Over drinks, dancing and flirting the two rush off to find a quiet place to get some more personal time together. When they finally stumble home, slightly drunkenly, it is revealed they are not having a one-night stand. They are a married couple trying to add some spark to their marriage.

While the story may have been seen before, this film carries its own special type f  heartwarming quality. As our couple get interrupted from their evening of fun by the appearance of their child running into the living room- we do not get a sense that their stale marriage is on the rocks. What we feel instead, is that this date night was an attempt at a romantic adventure- but not an adventure they really needed to take. Who needs to pretend to be someone else, when they are happy with who they are? Getting interrupted from their fantasy wasn’t a evening ruined- it was a reminder that they’ve already built a life they don’t need a vacation from.

Romance is not only for the young and single. Romance exists, and lives well, in anyone who loves. And love knows no age. Well done, HONEYMOON, well done.

Review by Kierston Drier

PLAYED at the January 2018 EUROPEAN Film Festival.

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HONEYMOON, 3min., Switzerland, Romance 
Directed by Anaelle MorfA man and a woman meet in a bar for the first time.

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