Read the August 2015 TWITTER Short Story Winners – 10 Stories!

Read the TWITTER Short Story Winners for August 2015. 10 Winners in total.

The best of 140 character short stories! All 10 Winners will now have their story made into a short voice over film.


FOOTSTEPS by Arthur Zopellaro

I hate the sound of people walking
I thought moving to a remote cabin would help me
I’m here, all by myself, but the footsteps won’t go away


Drinking Game by Helen Freeman

While they sat drinking margaritas, Liz and Ann began their list. This was an important list. Pen in hand, Helen wrote the title. “People We Want to Punch in the Face”.


SAND by Jemma Pollari

She is as sand: he yearns for her beneath him, but the trace he leaves is dusted over by her next lover’s breath. She burns the souls that touch her.


One Man’s Junk by Jesse Heikkila

Rifling through the dumpster seeing sunlight reflect off of polished titanium, I used my good hand to pull at the wires and retrieve my arm.


Hero by Justin Boyd

A year after saving them, the acclaim had died down, the attention dried up, and Juan’s life was once again painfully mundane.


Not A Victim by Kelley Portwood

She sat in the dark.
A thin line of light flared to split the seam between door and floor
Shadows flowed back and forth
Door opened.
She fired.


The Retreat by Kymm O’Malley

Her heels echoed sharply on the tile as she walked away.
It was better this way. No goodbye. No broken promise.
A single tear fell anyway.


Prank Call by Lucas Ruderman

He answered the phone to what he thought was another prank call only to realize after several profane minutes, it was his mother.


Improvising by Mark Farley

Tossing “50 Shades of Grey” aside, I nibbled on my wife’s thigh. It was lonely being the only survivor of the plane crash.


The Big One by René Claveau

The line hums as it speeds out. Locking it, the rod is ripped from my grasp and is gone. The sea rises, rises. No one will believe this.

    * * * * *

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