Happy Birthday: Indira Varma

indiravarma.jpgHappy Birthday actor Indira Varma

Born: May 14, 1973 in Bath, Somerset, England, UK


[about her drama training] I grew up, psychologically and emotionally. You were constantly asked to delve deep into yourself. You know, method acting and all that. In Improv you’d think to yourself, “Right. My character’s been raped, and beaten up, and now’s she’s tied up in this room”. And you’d say to people, “Ooh. Could you throw me down the stairs before my improvisation and tie me up?” It wasn’t a case of acting, it was where you became the person. Ridiculous, but really good fun.

I’ve been doing serious acting for as long as I’ve been working, but sadly, most Asians don’t attend plays or tune into what they consider arty dramas, but I know they’ll watch Bride & Prejudice (2004). It’s not exactly serious acting, but at least I won’t be seen as the porn star that some people think I am!

[Asiana magazine, August 2004] The star system in India takes some getting used to. The divide between rich and poor is huge as it is, but if you’re a film star, you’re placed way up there and everyone around expects you to behave like you’re a superior being or something. There are people hanging around all day waiting to bring you a glass of water or carry something for you, anything to show you they’re not worthy. It’s crazy. For the British Asian stars among the cast, who grew up minus servants and peons waiting on them hand on foot, or feeling any particular need to act the star when off camera, all this seemed a bit much. For a while, they decided to put it down to different strokes. Until [Indira and co-star and “soulmate” Nitin Ganatra] decided, “Sod this. Let’s take the piss.”