Happy Birthday: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson.jpgJessica Simpson

Date of Birth 10 July 1980, Abilene, Texas, USA
Birth Name Jessica Ann Simpson
Nickname Jess
Height 5′ 3½” (1.61 m)

Married to:
Eric Johnson (5 July 2014 – present) (2 children)
Nick Lachey (26 October 2002 – 30 June 2006) (divorced)

[on plastic surgery] I’m not against plastic surgery. I do believe that it becomes an addiction to people. But if you’re doing it for yourself, then you’re doing it for yourself. If you’re doing it to make heads turn when you walk down the street and get noticed, then I think that’s a bunch of BS.

Why go through your life with regrets? Every decision you make determines who you are. If you make a bad one, you fix it. It makes you stronger.

[on the “perils” of being a curvaceous Christian pop star] I had doors slammed in my face as a 14-year-old because my boobs were too big.

I love to hug – fans, friends and family alike – so it hurts when the security guards tell me I can’t do it at record stores during autograph parties… which they often do.

My bra and underwear always have to match. I love that. I’ve collected a whole lot of sets. When a girl has on color-coordinated underpants, she just feels sexy. And I’ve been a cheerleader, so I should know!