TIFF: 2018 Review: LES SALOPES or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin (Canada 2018) ***

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Les Salopes or The Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin Poster
Revealing women, showing men Dermatology professor Marie-Claire is embarking on a new project linking skin cells and sexuality, when unexpected events disrupt her professional, family and intimate life.


Renée Beaulieu


Soft porn, art movie or soft porn art in the guise of an art movie?  Marie-Claire (Brigitte Poupart), in her mid-40’s is a professor of dermatology, embarking on a study of how skin cells are affected by desire. 

Director Beaulieu also puts in her two cents worth about the sex theory.  Meanwhile, promising student Sofia (Charlotte Aubin) hopes to find tangible proof of love on the cellular level.  Director Beaulieu gives Marie-Claire a loving family, a sexy and loving husband (who still have sex with her) and two children.  Things get to a boil when they find out what mummy is up to.  Beaulieu’s film is more intriguing than it sounds as her subject faces different situations resting fro her sexual promiscuity. 

 As expected, there are lots of erotic and sex scenes.  Brigitte Poupart is winning as the film’s subject.

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