Played at the August 2017 FEMALE FEEDBACK Film Festival to rave reviews.

by Kierston Drier

Bright, colorful and full of youthful wish fulfillment, Magic Radio is a true delight. Directed by Meng Yu, this nine minute short film captures the tale of a lovesick high school student who discovers a radio that can transport him ten seconds back in time- giving him the ability to replay immediate events with a different outcome. Charmingly honest and authentic with its comedy, Magic Radio boasts a lot of heart. From first frame to last we root for our Hero, even as he blunders through his mistakes over and over (and over and over) again.


There is a nod to films like Groundhog Day or Naked where the comedy comes from the repetition of events, but there is also an element of control, where our Hero is able to relive his moments at his own command. Pride comes before the fall, however, and he often gets himself in trouble by being able to change the future. While the comedy is fast, witty and endearing, it also has no lack of emotional depth. When he tries to use his radio to test the waters with his dream girl, it doesn’t go as planned.


Magic Radio is skillfully cast and the performances are solid and moving, even if the plot requires a suspension of disbelief. What is particularly notable about the work is the instantaneous attraction to our hero, who plays the loveable and awkward every-man that anyone teenager can resonate with.


Magic Radio is a quirky loveable comedy that anyone will enjoy, with a great message at the end. You don’t need a time-traveling radio when you listen to your heart.

MAGIC RADIO, 9min, USA, Family/Comedy 
Directed by Meng YuA magic radio gives a high school student ability to experience the future within 10 seconds, however nothing can change his life but himself.

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