Italian Contemporary Film Festival: THE PLACE

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The Place Poster


Paolo Genovese


Christopher Kubasik (original story), Paolo Genovese (screenplay) | 1 more credit »


Arguably the most touted film of the ICFF and the film chosen to close the last Rome Film Festival, this high concept film has a setting in a bar called THE PLACE.  The neon sign brightly lights up the bar entrance in repeated scenes.  At a fixed table, a mysterious man meets up with 10 different strangers one at a time. 

 The man offers each stranger a chance to better him or herself on a certain condition to be met, which might not be an easy one.  A blind man gets a chance to regain his sight if he rapes a woman.  A nun who has lost her faith is given a chance to redeem it if she loses her virginity and gets pregnant.  As the film progresses, the man meets each stranger a repeated times.  Is this man the devil or an angel of God?   

The film investigates the beast inside every person just like the similar film BEASTS which also opens this week.  Director Genovese uses different camera tactics (different angle shots) to vary the monotony of the one idea film, but the film leads nowhere.  The film contains an all-star cast that Italians will more likely be familiar with.  A disappointment after hearing all the hype about this film.


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