Film Review: MISSING PEACE, USA, Documentary/Drama 

A deeply controversial and highly moving film, MISSING PEACE follows two people, Chloe and Jeremy,  who suffer from Body integrity Identity Disorder- a disorder that compels them to deeply believe their sense of self is more actualized if they were differently abled. In Chloe’s case, all her life she has struggled with a deep desire to be unable to use her legs. In Jeremys’ case, (and he has hidden his identity for fear of backlash for his feelings) he has always longed to be hands-free.

For someone without BIID, wrapping the mind around the condition may be difficult, even concerning, due to the stigma attached to being differently-abled, but for Chloe and Jeremy, this condition goes much deeper than the surface. For our two heroes, the body they feel they belong in is one that is, respectively, missing hands or unable to walk. The body they currently have feels as though they should not be in it.


MISSING PEACE does what every documentary aims to do- open up and explore an area of life that may not be known or understood by the “everyman”. It attempts, with remarkable sensitivity, to capture the difficult and trying world of a human being at odds with society and its’ view on their own sense of self. Perhaps another reason why this film rings so powerful is that it attempts to rid itself of subjectivity. MISSING PEACE allows its focus to be the journey’s of the heroes, not any potential judgements that may be held by the filmmaker. Instead the audience is asked to makeup their own opinion. We see the damage and pain caused to our heroes because of the world they live in, while the viewer may still struggle to understand the reality the heroes live in. Ultimately the choice is up the viewer, but the story is no less important, no less meaningful- no less necessary to be heard. A film not for the faint of heart, it speaks to the bravery of Chloe, Jeremy and director Jenna Gartlan, to take on such a deep and emotional topic. Well done to all.


by Kierston Drier

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MISSING PEACE, 17min., USA, Documentary/Drama 
Directed by Jenna Gartlan

Missing Peace follows Chloe Jennings-White and Jeremy as they struggle with Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Chloe wishes to be paraplegic, and Jeremy wants to cut off his hands.

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