Film Review: PLAYGROUND, USA, Documentary/Society 

A heart wrenching story of a community reeling after the death of a preteen boy, shot by a police officer in a local park, PLAYGROUND is a seventeen minute short that showcases how one community copes with loss by banding together.


Strong and poignant, PLAYGROUND follows Brick City Community Theatre near the Lakeview Terrace public housing project in Cleveland. The community around the theatre puts on productions about the local life, involving both youth and senior community members. PLAYGROUND follows one such production, an original created around the recent death and uses the trauma to empower and support the community members.


A deeply touching and moving piece, with excellent composition and execution, PLAYGROUND will remind us all of our fundamental similarities, are basic need for human connection and the transformative and healing power of the arts. A bow of credit to the directors Drew Dickler and Jakob Hochendoner.


by Kierston Drier

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PLAYGROUND, 17min., USA, Documentary/Society 
Directed by Drew Dickler

Afternoons at 4, residents from Lakeview Terrace, a public housing project in Cleveland, gather at their community center to transform their life stories into art and their grief into understanding.

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