Film Review: THE WRITER’S WOMAN, Mexico, Romance/Drama

Hot and smoldering with intensity, THE WRITERS WOMAN is a piece about love, jealousy, and control. This 23 minute mexican film coming to us from director Leslie Aldana, is a masterful work of cinematic seduction.

Our heroine is in love with her husband. Her husband is in love with her. But he also has affairs. So she decides to have one of her own, with a beautiful woman he has been eyeing. And when the three all get together at last the tension is equal parts sexually exciting and painfully tense.

What is so vibrant about this film isn’t just the slowly burning sexual fire ever present within the characters, or the fantastic performances, or even the larger free-love philosophy constrained by societal stigma. What is fascinating is that this story revolves around a mature relationship- a couple that has been married decades. Unlike young love, so prone to jealousy and heartbreak, this relationship has stood the test of time and still falls victim to the fears and insecurities that claim so many young lovers. What THE WRITERS WOMAN reminds us, in its own tragic, beautiful and sensual way, is that we are never too old to hurt. Exceptional performances and gorgeously composed, THE WRITERS WOMAN will take your breath away.

Review by Kierston Drier

Film played at the 2018 ROMANCE Film Festival on Valentine’s Day in downtown Toronto, Canada

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THE WRITER’S WOMAN, 23min., Mexico, Romance/Drama
Directed by Leslie Aldana

At the end of the 1940s, the poetess Helena is the couple of acclaimed writer Martin. She constantly knows that Martin has had different lovers, before the anguish of losing him decides to seduce the one who could become the next lover. A game of power and jealousy is transformed into a new love story, which fades the search for a structured love imposed by society for a free love regardless of gender.

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