Horror Short Script Reading of THE NEW NEIGHBORS by Filippo Santaniello

Festival for HORROR

The New Neighbors is the January 2016 Winning Short Screenplay.

Written by L. Filippo Santaniello


Genres: Horror, Thriller

Three friends are screening and selecting short films for a low budget horror film festival when the babysitter from the floor below rings the bell. Something bad has happened and she needs help.


NARRATOR – Peter Nelson
VIVIAN – Katelyn Vanier
ZACH – Dan Cristofori
ASHLEY – Holly Sarchfield
ALEX – Geoff Mays
ASIAN BOY – Lorne Hiro

Get to know writer Filippo Santaniello:

  1. What is your screenplay about? 

“The New Neighbors” is a story about three friends that work as short film selectors for a Horror Film Festival. Disappointed by the overall quality of the films they wonder why no one is creating something original.  Right then the bell rings. The babysitter from downstairs appears at the threshold of the door. Does she need help…

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