Happy Birthday: Robert Downey Sr.

robertdowneysrHappy Birthday actor Robert Downey Sr.

Born: June 24, 1935 in USA

Married to: Rosemary Rogers (8 May 1998 – present)
Laura Ernst (15 March 1991 – 27 January 1994) (her death)
Elsie Downey (1962 – 18 February 1982) (divorced) (2 children)


[describing his childhood]: It was like a bad version of “The Catcher In The Rye”. My mother was groovy-looking and was married four times. I got booted out of three prep schools – St.Paul’s, Peddie and Lawrenceville – and never got past the ninth-and-a-half grade. I was on athletics scholarships and I never went to classes.

[on his army service]: One of the times I fucked up was at an early warning radar post on Prince of Wales (Island), near the International Dateline. The lieutenant was asleep. So this other guy, from the Bronx, and I disconnected the phone back to Fairbanks. And we drew on the plotting board all these arrows representing bombers coming from Siberia. I woke up the lieutenant and he panicked. He went out of his skull. We let him stew awhile, and then we told him it was a joke. He was so happy, he laughed and cried and hugged us. Then he testified at our court-martial.

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