Happy Birthday: Cheryl

cherylHappy Birthday performer Cheryl

Born: June 30, 1983 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK

Married to: Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini (7 July 2014 – present) (filed for divorce)

Ashley Cole (15 July 2006 – 3 September 2010) (divorced)


I absolutely love my tattoos. The girls and I decided that the next time Girls Aloud have a No. 1, we’ll all get one done. I want us to get something that only makes sense if we all stand in line, though!

The past year [2004] has been the best ever. I feel like I’ve got a fairy godmother watching over me.

I can’t hurt any more than I’ve been hurt, I can’t cry any more than I’ve cried. I’ve been to the highest of highs and lowest of lows, so one day I’m going to find my middle ground and be happy.

[on drug addicts] I don’t have any sympathy for the addicts. That might sound harsh, but I don’t give a f***. If they’re in pain because of drugs, it’s self-inflicted. You know what you’re doing when you take it.

[on Simon Cowell] Simon is the most charismatic man I’ve ever met — it’s like he’s trancing you or something. It’s actually quite scary.

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