Interview with Festival Director Oscar Piloto (Miami Indie Artist Film Festival)

Festival Reviews

The MIA Film Festival (#MiaFF) is an underground festival based out of Miami, Florida that features films and screenplays of all length and genres worldwide. #MiaFF is unique from the rest because it’s an underground festival that expands the capability of networking with other filmmakers and showcasing films in one location for 9 days in December.

I was fortunate enough to interview Festival Director Oscar Piloto:

oscarMatthew Toffolo: What is the Miami Indie Artist Film Festival succeeding at doing for filmmakers?

Oscar Piloto: What makes us successful is that it’s a new festival and it continues to grow. There are people who believe in the festival and are working with us to achieve our goals. Our goals of giving filmmakers hope for a greater brighter future by helping them create relationships that will last a lifetime. We want to introduce like minded people and guiding them in working together. We…

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