TIFF 2016 Movie Review: PRANK (Canada 2016)

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prank_poster.jpgPRANK (Canada 2016) *
Directed by Vincent Biron

Starring: Alexandre Auger, Eric K. Boulianne, Normand Daoust

Review by Gilbert Seah

The film PRANK must be a prank of some kind. The no-brainer film is about 3 losers and a loser girl that go about town doing pranks of various kinds. Stefie (Étienne Galloy) is a bored, awkward teenager with giant train tracks, a mouth that’s constantly agape, no apparent friends, and nothing better to do than throw a tennis ball listlessly against a schoolyard wall.

Enter older pranksters Martin (Alexandre Lavigne) and Jean-Se (Simon Pigeon), who con Stefie into collaborating on a YouTube ruse. One might include dancing on a bridge until someone comes long when he will be told to f*** off.

This prank is not at all funny, nor are the other ranks nor the film itself.

This is a small budget Quebec film that serves no purpose. One wonders why it has even been selected as a TIFF film. The film that makes the film JACKASS look like a masterpiece.

(No need to bother with a trailer here!)

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