Happy Birthday: Mel Tormé (1925–1999)

meltorme.jpgMel Tormé (1925–1999)

Born: September 13, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Died: June 5, 1999 (age 73) in Los Angeles, California, USA

Married to:
Ali Severson (30 October 1984 – 5 June 1999) (his death)
Janette Scott (20 May 1966 – 26 May 1977) (divorced) (2 children)
Phyllis Arlene Miles (31 October 1956 – 9 November 1965) (divorced) (1 child)
Candy Toxton (11 February 1949 – 15 February 1956) (divorced) (2 children)

One of the joys of a jazz singer is to try to keep a dimension of constant improvisation in relation to what he sings. But–and it’s a big but–only if you never lose sight of the original musical value which the composer put in it. And above all, if you don’t sacrifice the most important element of a popular song: the words.


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