MOVIE POSTERAWESOME BEETLE’S COLORS, 3min, Latvia, Animation/Musical
Directed by Indra Sproge

“Awesome Beetle’s Colors” is a 2:57 minutes long, fun and educative plasticine animation.

Seen at the August 2016 SCI-FI/FANTASY FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto.

Movie Review by Kierston Drier

Hailing from Latvia, and directed by Indra Sproge, Awesome Beetles Colors has a musical, colorful, educational tone. Highly reminiscent of the famous Sesame Street in its whimsy, this short film brings the alphabet to life with bright, highly stylized interactive words.

The brightness of the piece is dazzling to the senses and brimming with the type of creative imagination that appeals to viewers of all ages. It is instantly enjoyable by younger members of an average audience although it may leave adult viewers scratching their heads.

At first glance, it is not clear that the musical film is about the alphabet; until the end, when all the musical words are strung together with their corresponding letters.

Magically, the discovery that the wild colorful animated adventure is really teaching us our ABC’s is no less enjoyable, whether we are 8 months old, or 80.

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Video of the short film:

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