Movie Review: THE APOLOGY (2016)

  MOVIE POSTERTHE APOLOGY, 7min, UK, Mystery/Crime
Directed by Patrik Bergh

In this dark comedy we find an old man sitting alone in a roadside diner nervously waiting for the moment that will finally seal his fate. With the other man finally showing up, the story takes a sinister turn sinister when he decides to teach the old man a lesson.

Played at the October 2016 ACTION/CRIME Short Film Festival

Review by Kierston Drier

A dark comedy with a heart of gold The Apology will make you laugh while sending a shiver down your spine. Hailing from the UK and directed by Patrik Berg, this short finds our hero, clearly wound up in some sort of shady mafia dealing, repaying his debt to a dangerous mobster. The mobster, in turn, is unhappy with what he feels is an inauthentic apology. What follows is a Abbott-and-Costello style scene that will leave the audience snickering.

Awkward and uncomfortable, while still engaging and endearing, this film should be commended for its excellent casting. Each character is knowable almost immediately. The performances are strong and incite empathy, even pity, as well as humor for our lead.

Also commendable is the films’ utter simplicity. It has one scene, one setting, only two characters, and the whole story is told in seven minutes. Yet a full and rich relationship is built between our two characters and an emotional impact felt between both them for each other, and for the audience to them. The result is that the twist at the end (and boy, what a twist!) leaves the audience cheering for our underdog.


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