Feature Film Pitch: Born to be Damned by Jamal Ben Brahmi

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ACTORTitle: Born to be Damned

Written by: Jamal Ben Brahmi

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Horror

Logline This screenplay is of genre: Damien Thorn (the Omen) since/1994, 9 mysterious crimes were committed by S ….a Friday/13…

Synopsis: Cursed being, Introduced into a poor being which does nothing but transmit the commands of a generation of beings who did not choose Friday/13 to be born. Who do-nothing but achieve the revenge on their ancestor.

The curse will continue has to fall down on your similar beings until the Antichrist will appear.
Christ will go down from the sky and will face it.
That will not be my son.
That will be too late and I would not have anything any more has to tell you.

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