Feature Film Pitch: The Old Nation by Josh Richards

WILDsound Writing and Film Festival Review


ACTORTitle: The Old Nation

Written by: Josh Richards

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller

Logline: The war between House Swyft and House Hornnet rolls onto to the ruins of Sultanbaad, a city deep in the deserts of the south eastern lands of The Old Nation. The ensuing battle leaves both Houses reeling, among the thousands of casualties, three Princes have also fallen. Two of Swyft and one of Hornnet.Both Houses come together for peace talks, however, following a failed assassination a return to conflict is inevitable.A broken and scattered Order of Knights, Order of Lionheart, sends Lionhearts to accompany two honour guards.In a desperate bid for peace, the two Houses send their last remaining heirs to broker peace through marriage. The two heirs are sent to the ancient city of Angalal, which is where the war begun two centuries earlier.A dark evil awaits inside the mountain, it’s hungry…

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