Under 5min. Film: BLURRY, 5min, USA, Thriller/Mystery

Played at the Under 5 Minute June 2017 Film Festival

BLURRY, 5min, USA, Thriller/Mystery
Directed by Jake HonerA young man cannot see his demise.

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Review by Kierston Drier

Blurry is scary short cinema at it’s best, because it employs the super effective trick of never being able to see the villain. Literally. This American short follows a young man getting ready for bed in the early hours of the morning (He stays up late). When he takes his glasses off and puts his phone down and goes to brush his teeth, he realizes both have been taken upon his return. Unable to see what’s going on, he quickly figures out someone, or something is in his house with him.

Movies like the iconic Jaws and the suspense thriller The Fourth Kind are famous for employing the “never-see-your-villain” tactic, and it is psychologically brilliant. The scariest thing possible isn’t what the film can dream up- it is what the audience can dream up. The demon you can’t see will always out scare the demon you can see. In BLURRY, this is taken to a terrifying new extreme. Wwe see things from our hero’s point of view and thus sympathize with him more. On top of that, we get an incredible amount of emotional response from understanding his handicap. It is one thing to go against a threatening unknowable foe- it is another to do it handicapped.

Congratulations to BLURRY, it takes to a new level, and for that, make this simple short film terrifying and complex.


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